V3.8.1 Firmware Release

We’re excited to announce the release of Firmware v3.8.1 for the MC3, MC6MKII and MC8 MIDI Controllers.


As with every update, this firmware brings a whole lot of new features and improvements to the table. We have also enhanced the Editor and added tons of features that will help you better manage your MIDI workflow.

Some of the new features are:

  • Re-arranging Banks in the Controller
  • Re-arrange Presets within a Bank
  • Connecting multiple devices to the Editor
  • Sending Keystrokes
  • Sequence Generators
  • Waveform Generator
  • Sending PC or CC messages upon engaging and disengaging Expression Pedal
  • Kemper Tuner Integration
  • Ability to save Preset settings to file and load them back into the Editor.

More information is available on our webpage.


Firmware and Editor installed on my Mac without any issues!

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Super update. Congratulations and thanks.

One question - where are the expression controller messages set now in the new config app? I’m sure they’re right under my nose but i can’t find them…

It’s still under the Edit Preset tab. If you move your expression while in editor mode, the Exp settings will get loaded into the editor. Alternatively, you can click on the “Preset” label at the top (which displays which Preset is currently in the editor), which will bring down a dropdown box for you to select the Preset or Exp Preset.

ah, okay, great, thanks. I’d disconnected the exp and brought MC6 over to computer so it wasn’t showing up anywhere.

I think that’s a possible area where UI could be clearer…it would be hard to discover that, i think.

Don’t take that as a criticism tho - lovely work all round.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I was worried about that. I’ll see if I can squeeze in an arrow to indicate it somewhere.

Excellent work. Have enjoyed trying out the betas, not that I really have any need for anything complicated. Morningstar is SUCH a great combination of hardware, software, user interaction and release management. I take my hat off to you all!

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Super update :slight_smile:

Really enjoying waveform generator and sequencer. One thing I can’t understand is the time measure. I am trying to do a whammy dive bomb with shortest time to the dive. I use the single wave down, the shortest time, and the multiplier x1 and it’s not that fast that I want. I thought multiplier does faster time but in my case if you choose the multiplier other than x1 you get the stutter-like wobble on the part of the dive and then stop. Is that the standard behavior or I am doing something wrong?

I think maybe i’d better shoot a video about what’s happening with the dive bomb when you use multipliers )

Anyway, great work with this update! Thank you!

I think a video would help. You can view the MIDI Monitor and see the how fast the messages takes to get generated.

A higher multiplier value would mean a faster Cycle per minute.
I’m not sure how fast the whammy will process the messages though.

Great work! Already solved some issues I’ve had! :+1:

I’ve trouble with the editor though. The new Software doesn’t recognize my MC8.
I’ve tried to connect to an old win7 x64 pc in our rehearsal room.
I copied this file: 2021-01-23_MC8_Firmware_v3_8_1_NO_KEYBOARD_USB_INTERFACE and downloaded the new desktop editor. I’ve reset the MC8. No luck so far. The updater works fine and I managed to restore my backup with the older version of the editor which does recognize the MC8 after I’ve downgraded to 3.7.
I can’t use the online version of the editor because there is no internet connection and taking my rig home would require a small truck :laughing:
Any ideas what to do? thx

Hi James,

If I setup one of the expressions jacks as in Auxiliary. Do you think it’s possible to control My TCSCF external bypass? It needs A
momentary switch to turn it off & on.


When you click on the “Select device to connect” box, does anything appear?

Hi John, thats not possible. The only way the exp jacks can interface with other pedals is via MIDI.

No, this box does not respond. And judging by the options I can see it seems like the editor shows menus for a MC6 (I have a MC8).
Thanks for your efforts james

Wow, this release has so many great new features!

Then again, I feel like I say that every time… Thanks Morningstar!

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Can you drop us an email regarding this, along with screenshots or pictures of what you see in the editor? Thanks!

I will, but not before next weekend. I’ve thought about it and will do some test. Maybe the Focusrite Scarlet wich is also connected to the pc causes this. Also, can you tell me if and what drivers etc. are required? The pc hasn’t seen any updates for ages.
Thank you.

No drivers required. The software package should be self-sufficient.

We’ve just released v3.8.2 with the following bug fixes and enhancements:


  • Paste Preset to all Banks integration with editor
    • Triple click on Paste Preset to paste to all banks

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Keyboard modifier bug
    • Having multiple keyboard modifiers do not work. Only modifier2 will be used and modifier1 will be ignored.
  • Fixed Stop All Waveforms bug
    • Stop All command for CC Waveform does not stop all engines

Hi guys, already posted it on the FB page, but here’s a small demo (i’m not a pro) of the waveform generator in action as a fake Whammy Ricochet. It does start at 3’50


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