V3.12.2 MC8 losing last used bank after bank jump

Running Firmware v3.12.2

To replicate:
bank 1 preset 1 - bank jump to bank 2
bank 2 preset 1 - bank jump to bank 3
bank 3 preset 1 - bank jump to last used bank

“bank 3 preset 1” should go back to bank 2, however it goes to bank 1.

Oddly, if I am on bank 1 and I manually go to bank 2 (C+D) and then use “bank 2 preset 1”, then “bank 3 preset 1” works properly and goes to bank 2.

I have also found two bugs in v3.12 for “Go To Last Used Bank/Page or Page”.

First, one now needs to press two times in order for the action to take place.

Second, when one comes previously from Page 2 in some Bank, instead of going
back there, the action is just a “Toggle page” in the current Bank.

Thanks James for checking those issues.

I just loaded V3.11.1 and can confirm that the bank jumping works as it should. Also tried V3.12.1 and it works as expected. Seems like a definite bug specifically in V3.12.2.

Just published v3.12.3 and this should be fixed: Release Firmware v3.12.2 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Admittedly, the jump to bank + jump to last bank / page feature, on top of the custom bank rearrangement, is giving us some headaches in the code - hopefully we did resolve all scenarios in this firmware.

If you’re facing any further issues, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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The problems are indeed fixed, thanks James!

I just loaded v3.12.3 and indeed it works. Thank you for the quick turn around on this!