Utility presets

Hello just getting started with an MC8. I see talk here about “utility presets”. I’m curious to see some examples of what folks are calling utility presets. When I first started thinking about making presets, the first puzzle it presented me, was how I could jump randomly from groups of pedals on, to other groups on with presets or otherwise, but without it leaving the previous pedals active, without programming them to shutoff, but you wouldn’t know to shutoff specific pedals unless you were going linearly from one preset to the next. This led me to think that maybe you could program some sort of *all off" program, but then would there need to be a slight pause in messages, before sending the engage messages?..anyway it occurs to me that maybe these “utility presets” along with engage preset functions, are what people are talking about here, but I haven’t see it covered. Still familiarizing myself with the forum as well.
Thanks in advanve

Hi. You can check out these 2 videos for some examples on how to use utility presets: