["Utility" Feature Request] Controller Monitor?

Is there any way to get a read out of our auxiliary messages (e.g. Set Toggle, Bank Jump, Engage Preset, etc.) in a similar fashion to our MIDI messages? Perhaps they could even be integrated into the existing MIDI Monitor?

While not terribly pressing, it would make troubleshooting easier and significantly more efficient.

That’s a great idea - would definitely be useful for troubleshooting. We’ll look into it

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Woohoo! Sort of related, it might also be useful to have each action/event alternate shade or something in the Monitor, so that it’s easier to read.

Not so full featured yet but we’ve got this working for a start for Presets and Bank Presets:

The monitor will clear before each switch press event, so you can see all the messages that are executing in the latest switch press. Will release the firmware in a bit.

More info will be added for the message types (like what presets the Set Toggle message is affected etc), just need to figure out a good way to display it without clogging up the table.


So useful! Seems to be working well, and easy to read.