Using two toggle switches with GFI Synesthesia

I was hoping that someone might be able to help out with some troubleshooting.

I’m using my MC6 to control my GFI Systems Synesthesia and wanted to set up two different presets on the same bank that will toggle different effects on and off. But I just can’t work out how to do it.

The thing that’s confounding me is that the Synesthesia is dual channel, so allows two different modulation effects for each preset. I’d like to be able to toggle the two different side of the pedal so that I can have either or both engaged at the same time.

I currently have two switches set up on my MC6, each of which sends a PC message to the Synesthesia to recall the preset when the switch is first pressed, and CC messages to engage and bypass each side of the pedal when the toggle is in position 1 or 2. The trouble is that if one side of the pedal is engaged and I want to engage the other side too, sending the PC message again bypasses the first side. I just can’t work out how to get both sides engaged at the same time.

Any help would be much appreciated!

The Synesthesia bank you’re using needs to be set to stomp mode. This is easiest to do in the app and is denoted by the ‘S’ next to the banks name in the top right of the screen. It’s also easiest to have the bank set to bypass unless the standard state will be on. This is denoted by the ‘B’.

Depending how you’re using the GFI and MC, the specific GFI bank can be selected on MC bank load under bank settings in the Morningstar app.

These are the commands needed to be sent for either side. I used the demo editor but the content is the same.

Thanks very much for the reply.

I’ve tried this and it works pretty well, even though it limits me to using only one preset on the Synesthesia per bank (unless I’m missing something). But I guess that’s just a drawback of how this specific pedal works.

Anyway, thanks again for the help.

The settings provided should toggle the two sides independently so both sides can run together or separately. Just use the first row of each of the screens. Another option could be to have a controller button set to toggle between two of the different GFI banks. That way there would be the choice two lots of two.