Using the ML10X editor without the pedal connected


Is it possible to use the web editor without having the pedal connected to the computer?

I’m trying to prepare the presets for my ML10X and would like to to that without having to go to the studio and connect to the pedal.

Is this possible to edit the config and preset and save this as a JSON file (using the download feature)? And, later on, connect to the pedal, load the JSON file and send the config to the pedal?


Not that I’ve seen. Demo mode gives access to see how the components can be used together but it’s a single instance and can’t be switched between banks independently.

Currently, no there isn’t this feature for the ML10X yet. When we do add one, it’ll likely be on a preset level only (not for the entire controller) - so you can create and save preset files when you do have your ML10X connected.

Will look into it likely mid or end of this month.

It’s fine if it’s by preset.

I hope this can be added to the editor. I’m convinced this could be very helpful to a lot of users.