Using the MC8 with the Boss RC-5 (Video)

Just sharing an excellent video from John Paul:


Great video. The main problem with the RC5 is that Boss/Roland don’t release a detailed midi description/guide for that pedal…

Thanks for this vid! You not only helped me setup the MC8/RC-5, but you saved me $$ :smiley:
I thought I needed the Boss MIDI cable, forgot about the 1/4" Omniport Midi Out option to mini TRS. I had an aux cable laying around, works perfect.

This video is only adequate. I’d have rather more detail on how he programmed the MC8. The RC-5 is fairly obvious even though they didn’t publish MIDI specs.

Looks like pg 14 of the reference. Not familiar with the RC-5 (i have the RC-500) but it seems similar in that you can pick what parameter is controlled per a handful of cc#'s

I’ve just purchased an RC-5 (and watched the you the video above) but am not sure how to program the MC8. I’ve configured the CC numbers on the RC-5 but don’t know what I should be sending from the MC8 to the RC-5. An a ‘press’ action, I can send CC #81 on the correct midi channel but don’t know what CC value to send? What am I doing wrong or what am i missing please?

I don’t have the RC-5 but I use the RC-500 and I believe they are similar. Depending what I’m trying to trigger with a CC, I need to send both 127 AND 0 values (so two messages both on a press)
Some Boss users have reported needing to add a delay between the two messages (Delay is under the Device section of the type) but I never needed a delay for my Boss.

Hi @cVarsity thanks for that. I’ve just figured out the use of 127 for “on” but could only get it to work once. I guess I’m missing the 0 value for “off” to follow? Thanks again

It’s been a while since I set mine up but I feel like certain targets wanted both a 127 AND 0 sent at the same time to trigger where as some targets just wanted a 127 for on and 0 for off or vice versa.