Using the MC8 to send Aux messages?

Hi, complete newb here but was wondering if I can use the MC8 as an aux switch and as a midi controller at the same time?

I’ve got a Boss RC-500 and am using all 8 of the midi control assigns that this looper offers (fingers crossed a future firmware update will give us more assigns), the pedal also has a aux or expression pedal input (CTL 1, 2 /EXP) that I was hoping I could control with the MC8 too.

or to simply put it, I would like to use the MC8 as an aux for my older non-midi supported effects pedals that have a CTL / EXP input.

Is this possible and if so what message do i need to send?

Thanks in advance!

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Not possible to use the MC8 as an aux switch. The only way the MC8 can interface with other devices is via MIDI.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s a pity that it can’t do both, is this something that could be possible with firmware update or the MC8 simply is not wired that way?

Not possible via a firmware update. It’s more of a hardware change.

Interfacing with other devices is tricky, because there can be many different voltages involved, which can potentially damage the controller.

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Right yeah makes sense. Well thanks anyway James for your reply, i’m really loving my MC8 it has me wanting to invest in a whole load more midi compatible fx pedals.

Could you share the info you have programmed up for the Boss RC500?
Maybe a screen share of the editor and how you program it?

You can use the Suhr micro midi to receive messages & pass them to an aux…

Hey John Paul, I’ve watched a bunch of your videos in the past, keep up the good work!

To program the Morningstar to work with the RC-500 you will need to send two messages for each assign, 127 for on when the button is pressed and 1 for off when the button is released.

For example to program a button to act as play/stop for the rhythm. In the Mornningstar editor I chose preset A (that’s the preset for footswitch A),
msg1 action: Press, Type: Control change (cc), I chose CC#1, cc value 127 (for message on), midi channel 1
msg2 action: Release, Type: control change, CC1, cc value: 1, midi channel 1.

On the RC-500 I set it to receive midi messages on midi channel 1(MENU, MIDI, RX CTL CH, 1), I then set assign1, (the RC-500 only has 8 assigns that you can program to receive midi).
Hit ‘memory’ and scroll to ‘ASSIGN1’.
Source: CC #1

That’s it! For the other 7 assigns you can chose whatever you want just make sure you choose a different midi cc number and match it on your Morningstar editor’s settings for the preset/footswitch of your choosing.

You’ll have to save your settings on each memory on the rc-500 that you want to have these midi controls to work.


Great shout JohnC, I’ll be sure to check that out!

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I think we just both put up the answer together at the same time. haha.
Answered this in another thread.
Awesome work.
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