Using the 18volt operation verse 9volt, does it help with line level and hot inputs

I’m going to use my ml10 (at first) to control a host of different preamps, and tools.

Some of these preamps have hot outputs, but line level none the less -

I also see on the specifications that the I/O level increases over 2 times with a double in input voltage for operation. Would this be the best route for what I want to do? I understand there isn’t any buffers, but this is what I need it to do at the moment.

If this does work, it will make my board most flexible, and I can put everything to use -

9v should suffice for most audio applications. 9v will give you 4v peak to peak which will suffice for most pro-audio use cases. 18v will give you 10v peak to peak but if you are switching line level signals, there will be no difference or improvement at all compared with just running it at 9v.