Using Strymon Multiswitch as MC8 Aux switches?

Has anyone ever tried using the original Strymon Multiswitch as 3 aux switches on the MC8? I really like the form factor of the Multiswitch.

No experience, but it’s a TRS cable and it has three switches and it’s unpowered so logically it’s gotta be assigning a switch to tip, and another to ring and the last one to tip and ring, I would guess? Which is what the MC needs. Try it!

Search the manual for “External Aux Switches”, that gives required wiring which I’d guess this uses… MC8 User Manual (Firmware v3.10)

That was my same line of thinking! I might have to pick one up and see.

the strymon switches uses a different scheme so it won’t work. they use a resistor ladder to determine which switch is being pressed, and this is somewhat unique to strymon

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