Using stereo and mono pedals at the same time with ML10X

Hello! Just got my ML10X (two of them, actually) and have some big ideas!

But first, would love some advice on some basics if anyone can help. Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, I just can’t find it.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using both stereo and mono pedals on the switcher on the same time. In the first configuration I’m trying out, I have a mono input, 6 mono pedals (including a Chase Bliss Blooper), a stereo delay, and a stereo Chase Bliss Gen Loss Mkii all going through the ML10X and output in stereo to two amps.

My first dumb question…is there a way to configure ANY signal chain in simple mode, where my input is mono and my output is stereo? Or does it have to be done in advanced, even if I am bypassing all my pedals?

Right now it feels like advanced mode is my only option no matter how I configure things. Just making sure I’m not missing something obvious.

Also, very interested in any pointers from anyone who is using the ML10X with a similar configuration!

I’m in a similar situation. It was explained to me that I have to have a stereo input (trs) for stereo. right now i have a generation loss splitting before it and am usually using simple mode, but am trying to decide how I want to handle it. I toyed the idea of running the source audio eq2 in front which can switch mono and stereo via midi, but I wonder if it will do what we are thinking to switch between the two.

There is also this which I am considering:

Yeah you can do this in simple mode. The change that was made based on my request was to mirror the output ring to the output tip when running a mono input but want stereo out. But it sounds like you have a few stereo loops and want to send those out in stereo. That would probably require advanced mode (assuming you’re mixing mono and stereo loops).

For reference, I wound up switching to advanced mode so I can run my two modelers in loops (in stereo) and create a stereo wet/dry mix. Works great. I just use presets instead of calling individual loops.

So are you wanting a stereo input, all stereo loops, and a stereo output? Or stereo input, mix of mono/stereo loops, and a stereo output? Any stereo signal (input, loop, output) will require a TRS insert cable or adapter. If you want stereo output with different signals (e.g. left and right from a ping pong delay), you’ll need to use advanced mode. If you are just wanting to send the same output (e.g. mirrored) to two different amps/paths, simple mode will do this (assuming you use the TRS cable). By default the output tip is now mirrored to the output ring.

Yeah, I was wanting to do a mixture of mono and stereo outputs, so it looks like advanced will be required. I gave it a shot and it worked. Thanks for helping me work it out in my head. I do know there are some downsides to advanced mode (such as no cc messages). Does that mean that all loops are active (but not necessarily engaged unless told so by the ml10x) in advanced mode?

Yeah, in advanced mode you can’t switch individual loops on or off. They are all active. I had to completely stop thinking about the individual loops and focus on presets. For me, I use the MC8 to switch presets on my ML10 now as opposed to using the MC8 to enable/disable loops. It’s really not too difficult once you make the switch in your head. I’m running into some minor issues combining actions on the MC8 (e.g. switch a preset on the ML10 and send a MIDI message at the same time), but I’m pretty certain it’s just me. Should all be fine once I get everything setup on the MC8.

I’m just now getting to putting my board together and am trying to figure something out:

I will be using my generation loss mkii (in mono in stereo out mode, aka MISO mode) to go from my voodoo labs hex to go to the ml10x. so does this mean I won’t be able to use the generation loss in the ml10x?