Using same switch to turn a pedal on and off

Hey so I’m just diving into this world and i’m trying to set up my presets so that the same button turns an fx on and off. An easy way to make this work was using toggle mode, but then I found if I switched to a different fx tone without turning off the engaged tone, when I went back to the first tone it would first go to the ‘off’ possition. so my question is is there a way to set the controls up so that they reset to the “A” possition automatically if a new tone is engaged? or is there a better way to use this? after I realiaed the toggle mode didn’t work for me I started making the ‘off’ control be a double tap, but this isn’t very practical for me in a livesetting. thanks

There is a setting called Remember Preset Toggle States Across Banks under controller settings that will keep your toggle state when going between banks but that may be the opposite of what you’re looking for.

Another useful action type is Set Toggle. With this you can program the first action on each Preset to Disengage all other presets. This would allow you to select Preset A (turn on effect) then select Preset B (change to different effect) and then when you select Preset A again it should change back to the initial effect (while keeping the ability to turn off the current effect with a second press)
Is that more what you’re looking to do? What pedal(s) are you using? There may be a better way depending on what you’re controlling.

I think that will do it! I don’t have my board in front of me right now, but that sounds like what I need to do. I’m using a Strymon Timeline and an Eventide H9. Not doing anything crazy, I just have about 5 different delay tones from the Timeline and a few different modulation FX from the H9. Also using the morningstar to control tap tempo.

Is there anything else I need to do besides changing the ‘type’ to Set Toggle?

While I have you here are there any other useful tricks or tips you can recommend? This is all new to me and it’s a lot to take in!

Welcome @bjh2775! Loads of new users atm, great to see!

Here’s how I manage a Bank of presets which addresses 3 different pedals. My aim here was to ensure that I could only have one Preset per pedal active at any one time, whilst allowing me to “stack” presets from different pedals e.g. I can only select one sound at a time from my synth pedal, but I can also switch presets for my dirt / chorus on or off on top of those synth sounds.

First, in Bank Settings, ensure “Clear Preset Toggles” is off / disabled.

Preset A is a sound from my synth pedal. Msg2 disengages any other presets which call the synth pedal: B, E, G to L.

Preset D is a sound from my chorus pedal. Msg2 disengages any other presets which call the chorus pedal: F

The JSON for that Bank is attached in case you fancy uploading it to the Setlist Manager in the Editor, or to a spare / empty bank in your MC…
Morningstar_MC6_MKII_Bank_Backup_Core sounds_20220111_192908.json (28.5 KB)

A top tip: if you’ve got CC and/or PC values that you use often, add them into the User Library (if they’re not already in the MIDI Dictionary of course) - and then you can quickly add them to messages by clicking the Open User Library button on each message - saves clicks, and also shows some useful text in the editor as per my screenshots e.g. “Mercury; Quad Chorus” etc.

Have fun!

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Yeah I’m constantly still re-evaluating my setup and finding new ideas to try out. An expression pedal will open up a lot as you can control, say the feedback of your delay (or any midi target) with a sweep of your foot. You can also select what to control at a moments notice with a preset on the Morningstar. Maybe you want to control Feedback for the chorus but want to control the rate of your tremolo during the verse.
Another semi related feature to check out would be the Wave Form Generators! Set up say a Saw wave up to control a CC just like using an expression pedal but automated and set.
Really this pedal is SOOO feature filled you’re often limited by your imagination and the midi implementation of the pedals you’re controlling. Spend some time in the forum here and you’ll have a new idea every few days!

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