Using Novation Launchpad X to control MC3 (or other)?

I was wondering whether it would be possible to set up one of the Novation launchpad controllers to send messages to a Morningstar controller for e.g. preset changes, and I think it is. I’ve not tried this, but as far as I can see it should work.

What I’m considering is using a launchad X mini to act as a convenient preset selector (at least) for the MC3 on my board, connecting the two using a pair of CME Uhost adapters. I know the MC3 can use one (I have one running already) and I’ve found a video of someone running one with a USB power bank for a mobile launchpad. The launchpad has four custom modes where each pad can be configured to send either a note, CC, or PC message so that’s perfect too - there’s a web based configuration tool for the launchpad so setting up the right messages should be easy.

Anyone else done something like this? It feels like a really powerful combination and the launchpads are pretty inexpensive. Fingers rather than feet, but for selecting songs etc during a gig that’s fine right?

No personal experience, but as long as it can send the commands required to trigger stuff on the MC, no reason it wouldn’t work!