Using Morningstar MC6 Mkii as a midi interface for Strymon Nixie

Hey There,

Ha someone figured out how to operate Nixie with an MC5 in the chain? or does it have to be MC6-Strymons and right back?

Would a midi Y cable work or do I need to get a powered midi multiplier?


MC5? or ML5?

We do have a post on using the MC6/8 with Nixie

Ah sorry yes - ML5!

I’ve got nixie working when the loop only has the Strymons involved, but as soon as I put the ML5 in the loop it won’t register…

Anyone find a work for this or do I need a Y cable?

Ah ok, it should be because the SysEx messages from the nixie software is very large, and the ML5 is unable to pass those messages trough

That makes sense! I’ll start with a Y cable and see how we do

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