Using Midi with Helix Stomp & Broken Arrow

Hey guys, I had a quick question, I’m relatively new to the MIDI world. I apologize if this has been answered similarly before, but I’m trying to get an answer rather quickly and would rather not scroll through many past posts.

I’m wanting to run a small travel rig with the following:

  • Broken Arrow Overdrive

  • Helix Stomp

  • MC6

I understand I would need a midi box to connect midi from the MC6 to the broken arrow, which is TRS.

My plan is to run it relatively simple, with 3 switches controlling my gain stages on the Broken Arrow, and 3 switches controlling wet effect presets on the stomp. So I guess I have 2 questions:

  1. Practically, does it sound like everything there would work fine? :joy: I mean I see no reason why not, but like I said, I’ve never put these ideas into practice before.

  2. For a midi box, I was looking at disaster audio’s midi box one, since I only need to convert one pedal. But I would only be able to put the broken arrow at the end of the midi chain, as the midi box it is a simple midi in, TRS out and no midi thru.

Would that work fine, or would it be wise to have the option to place either the helix or the broken arrow at the end of my chain? I’m trying to go as simple as I can, but also don’t want to wind up needing that option and not having it. The midi box morning star makes looks wonderful, but I was just was thinking simple since I only have one pedal to convert.

Thanks so much for your help!

Let me add that I don’t quite understand the implications of what it means for a pedal to be at the beginning/end of the MIDI chain, which is why I don’t know if I should give myself the option to have either the helix, or the broken arrow at the end of the midi chain.

Again, newly learning so thank you for the patience.

You have 3 Midi out ports on the MC6, 2 TRS and one 5pin. So I think you dont need the midi box, just connect the the Broken Arrow with a TRS cable and the Helix Stomp with a 5 pin cable.

What XLooper said - from Firmware v3.8 on, the two expression ports can be used as programmable TRS MIDI Out (This is not reflected on the main Morningstar website for MC6-Mk-II but is clearly listed in the latest manual update). You can use the 5 pin DIN ports to hook up your Stomp for two-way communication, use one EXP port as a MIDI out to your Broken Arrow, and still have a spare EXP port for another MIDI pedal or a Dunlop mini expression pedal. No MIDI breakout box required.