Using midi 5pin and 1/4 with MC6

I am trying to find a way to upgrade my MC3 to an MC6 to have more buttons. I own two chase bliss pedals and one Source Audio Ventris. The Mc3 has plenty of midi outputs and more for this. I understand I will need some sort of midi box to go with MC6. I am looking at the Chase Bliss Midibox but am confused if this will work with all three. Will I be able to send distinct PC or preset commands to all three pedals chase Bliss and Ventris with 5pin midi? The chase Bliss I know will work with 1/4 in. Will the Ventris receive sepearate PC as well as Cc commands from the midi-thru output of the midibox?

If not what conjunction box do I need to upgrade from Mc3 to MC6?

Thank you

I use this box with a CBA Brothers, Boss OD-200, and Jackson Audio Bloom…then 5 pin to an Eventide H9. I’d recommended it as a good one.

Wow thank you for that recommendation! I didn’t know about this box and it seems way more flexible than the Chase Bliss Midi box. Seems like this one covers all of the bases for future pedals I could buy. Plus it comes in cool colors.

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