Using MC8 with ML10X like stomp box mode

When using the MC8 to toggle on/off Tip/Rings for each drive pedal, I notice it is only toggling off the ML10x presets that it’s currently showing and not doing so independent of presets. Is there any way to use the MC8 to simply control individual on/off loops (analogous to the Stomp Mode in the Helix Stomp video)? I’m using the Omni mode and each Type is selected to Bypass and Enable accordingly. Can’t seem the figure it out.

sorry, didnt quite understand this part. could you elaborate? thanks!

Basically, is there a way to simulate a traditional loop switcher (a la Boss ES-8, etc.) in its simplest form, which has buttons to turn on/off a particular loop/pedal, completely independent of any sort of preset programming. I just want the MC8 to have a button assigned that says “tube screamer,” and then that loop is turned on/off in the ML10x.

Yes that’s possible. There are CC# to engage/disengage loops in simple mode:

Then you just need to send a toggled CC message:

I’ll check it out. So does this mean I have to enable midi between the two? No omnichannel scenario here?

What James has suggested is simply sending MIDI from the MC8 to the ML10 that will tell it to engage a loop on 1st press and disengage it on 2nd press.

So if your ML10 is on MIDI channel 1, that’s what you’d send (as per James’ screenshot)

If your ML10 is on MIDI channel 16, that’s what you’d send.

You’ll need MIDI coming out of the MC8 to reach the ML10 eg a 5 pin cable from MC8 out to ML10 i

This approach would mean (from my limited understanding) no need to program a preset on the ML10

OK this seems to work similar to the Engage Selected Loops/Bypass Selected Loops feature of the ML10x direct integration. If I don’t have an ML10x preset configured with all the loops in the Connections area of a preset, then it doesn’t seem to acknowledge the CC message (at least on the ML10x display). Do I need a preset with all the loops already set on there to make this work?

Yes, the loop needs to be active in the preset in order to switch it. If not, the message is ignored because the ML10X does not know where in the signal chain the loop should be in.

To use as a stomp box wouldn’t the easiest solution just be a preset with everything engaged and then just use the dedicated omni commands. Is your question about how to engage/disengage when in any preset? If that was the case then I wonder if there might be a way to code a solution where the mc8 could scan the available loops on the Ml10x and attribute a toggle preset to each loop. That is a lot to ask I know but would be an incredibly useful integration

yes, this. stompbox mode, independent of presets. that would make it on par with regular switchers in this way; that with the added midi capabilities, would put it in a class of it’s own…

i guess i’ll have to use preset mode for now. probably will need to create different loop order presets and leave them all off to simulate stompbox mode…

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If I’m understanding correctly, I was assuming I’d be able to do this as well and tried it with my voodoo labs hex and found it didn’t really work the way I’d expected. Is there not a way to set the MC8 up like a stompbox, with different combinations based on each press A-H?