Using MC8 to trigger Backing tracks

How could I use an MC8 to trigger backing tracks from my computer?

Thanks in Advance!

So I do this on my Mac. The software I use is midi aware ( called AnyTune ) and that makes things much easier. You basically assign a midi channel to the software and make sure its connected through USB. On the MC8 I made a bank just for controlling the AnyTune player for forward / back / play / loop / etc.

Hope that made sense…

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Thank you so much for that information. Your a Mensh!

got everything except for “assign midi channel to the software”. How do I do that Tim?

Tim, would I be able to trigger mp3’s as well? Thanks again, Chris

So the big thing for me was that the software was midi aware. That means that it listens for midi messages through USB. The AnyTune software has a configuration for midi that allows you to assign it a midi channel just like any other midi hardware. That way you can send midi CC messages to that channel and the software will respond. The music format shouldn’t matter as long as the software supports it ( MP3 / WAV / etc )

again, thank you for the quick response.