Using MC8 to control Kemper - optimization request?

The Kemper model is based on rigs which are composed of an amp profile plus 4 stomp slots + 4 effects slots. One natural approach would be to use banks with rigs organized inside each bank via presets. So, jump to a bank and setup page1 to use each of the 8 presets to select a rig. When a preset is pressed, the MC8 sends a PC to the Kemper to activate the rig and then toggle to page2. Page2 has the eight presets programmed for the 4 stomps + 4 effects for that rig. This works fine, but there is a limitation in that the page2 presets can only have a single name for each bank. It would be extremely helpful if the page2 presets could be assigned a different name based on the preset selected from page1. This wouldn’t even require different action on the page2 switches, just a different name.
I am new to the MC8 so perhaps I am missing something. Is this currently possible and I missed it? If not, is it possible to add this feature?

This has been requested but am not sure if they have had time to do. We can hope.

Sure, but I’m not asking about 2 way communication.

Don’t answer directly but can give an idea…

  • Bank A is used to call song presets. Themselves organized by tempo : Ballads, mediums, fasts, xmas…
  • Each category is a Bank where you can find the different songs (One by preset)

A song preset sends:
• Kemper
LSB 32 (0-4)
Program Change
• Pigtronix Infinity
⁃ Program Change
⁃ CC 12 & 13 (Loop levels)
• BeatBuddy
⁃ LSB 32 (Folder)
⁃ Program Change
⁃ CC 108 (Level)
• Vocalist
⁃ Program Change
• Bank Jump message to one « Play Bank »

« Play Bank » controls :
• Kemper (Performance mode)
⁃ A B C D : CC 50 to 53 - Blink and unblink the others three - Rigs I, II, III, IV. Each of them engages an expression message with a long press. CC11 Morph, CC7 Volume, CC1 Wha, CC4 Pitch, and come back to Morphing with a single press.
⁃ H : CC 19 (1/0) FX 3 (Frequently a Booster)
⁃ Q : Kemper Tuner (long press)
⁃ R : CC 17 & 18 (1/0) Active or deactive Effect loop
• Pigtronix Infinity
⁃ E : CC 23 Stop loop / CC 89 (long press) Erase loop
⁃ F : CC 25 Rec/Play loop 2
⁃ G: CC 24 Rec/Play loop 1
⁃ K : CC 79 Undo loop
• BeatBuddy
⁃ T : CC 110 Hit
⁃ U : CC 120 (1/0) Main switch
⁃ : Sequence generator (Send CC 35 to iPad to control DDL and Reverb Decay on Xair 18)
⁃ V : CC 111 (1/0) Start/Stop
• Vocalist
⁃ CC 1-3-4-5 : Mute Harmony, Lead level, Delay on/off, Reverb on/off

Midi Timecode
BeatBuddy is the master and control tempo via a midi merge for Kemper, Infinity and vocalist.
MTC comes back to MC8 by Kemper Midi Out (so the tuner is on the screen)

Actualy, I don’t look for songs in the MC8. I use MobileSheet on an Android Pad to send Program and Control Change with a « smart button » wich is on the score i’m gonna play. (Via CME Widi uHost)

PS: Sorry about my froggy english

Wow! That’s a SERIOUS bit of programming! C’est magnifique!! :clap:

Maybe I misunderstood your intention. But wouldn’t you want to know the status of your effect blocks? I’m confused because you’re calling the 8 stomps & effects -“presets”?

Wow, very well thought out!

Thx Guys for sweet words.

I may not have explained it well. First, I would like the full integration with two-way communication, but that seems a lot and I was not asking for that. Second, I’m referring to the Kemper when mentioning stomps and effects. I’m referring to the MC8 when talking about banks and pages.
I simply want the page2 banks names to change based on the page1 presets. I would like this for all banks. This way the names represent the actual programming of the stomps and effects on the Kemper. For example: select bank1, presetA and the presetsI-P have a specific set of names. Then stay in bank1, switch to bank2, and presetsI-P have a new set of names. For me, the functionality of presetsI-P doesn’t need to change, but it would be a bonus if they did.

Ok I see.
First of all I’m pretty sure that the kemper can’t send the name of the slots or rigs to anything except its own editor.
Now in your example:

So you changes of bank.
At this point you can have a specific name and function for each preset.
For example:
Bank2 Preset I : Clear
Bank2 Preset J : Chorus
Bank3 Preset I : ClearDDL
Bank3 Preset J : Phaser

If you want 8 more, you switch to bank 10 with a long press on a switch of bank 1

Hope this helps

The behavior that you explain is exactly how the MC8 is currently programmed. I am asking about additional functionality that is not currently implemented, but thank you for the response.