Using MC6 for "Songs" is this Bank Presets?

I am trying to setup the MC 6 to basically emulate my kemper and now quad cortex but with pedals.

I would like to use F/C to bank up and down between songs.
On bank up I want to

  • send new bpm for song
  • change timeline and big sky to correct setting for song

I then want to use A/B/D/E as different parts example

  • A could be a dot8 delay and B a quarter
  • D a short reverb E a long one etc

I do not know how to

  1. set up “songs” in my mc6
  2. bank up/down with the F/C buttons

I know this may be a lot to ask but I am sure it is possible, I just do not know how to set it up


Hi, I recommend to use the editor. You can assign Bank Up/Down to any footswitch within the Edit Presets menu. Within Edit Bank you can specify actions which will be executed when entering this bank. For example midi clock tempo or PC / CC commands. Hope this helps

Hi. You can send MIDI messages upon entering a bank. We demonstrate and explain how in this video:

The messages you need to send for controlling BPM are explained in this video:

To bank up/down using switches F and C, just select the Bank Up/Down message types. To copy and paste to all banks, just copy the preset and triple click Paste on the editor.

This intro to MIDI video will also be useful to you:

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Thank you for replying.
I decided to just dig in and start learning on the fly.
So far I have things going pretty well.

I don’t know exactly what this means from the wampler terraform:
MIDI BYPASS: To assign “bypass” to a MIDI program change, press
and hold the preset switch (as if you were saving a preset). Press
the preset switch until all four preset LEDs blink simultaneously.
Send a MIDI program change to the TERRAFORM. Press and hold
the preset switch to assign “bypass” to that MIDI program change
number. This does not affect any of the saved presets; it only links
the program change and bypassing the TERRAFORM. Sending that
program change number will now bypass the Terraform.

Should i just assign like PC127 to a switch just to set an “off” button
Then would I use toggle? send PCX for on and PC127 for off?

No, a PC (Program Change) always goes with a single number. PC’s are commonly used to select a patch or bank on a device. PC# 0 = Patch1; PC# 1 = Patch2…
This is why my first guess would be, that you just have to set up your device to recieve a PC# of your choice and it will toggle bypass every time you send that exact PC#.
Note that this isn’t a common way to do this, in my experience on most other devices you would have to work with CC#

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late response, sorry.
it seems you have to sort of trick the wampler into working by turning on the midi receive
setting a button to send which number you want to be the pc off number
send it, then you can toggle etc from there on out.
kind of odd but that is the way it is being overcome.