Using mc6 and ML5 to control midi and non midi

Hi there!

I’m new here, and pretty new to midi. I’ve watched a lot of the videos, but there are still questions I have.

The ML5 looks great. But, can I control both my midi pedals and my non-MIDI pedals with the ML5 an MC6? Or is it just one or the other?

In other words, can I have total control of my paddleboard with those two pieces?


Hi. Yes, you can control both MIDI and non-MIDI pedals simultaneously. You can daisy chain your MIDI pedals with the ML5 via MIDI in and thru ports. These 3 videos will be helpful to you:

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That’s exactly how I run my board! I have my comp and drives (non-midi pedals) in an ML5 with my delay/reverbs that are midi capable after that all controlled by the MC6.
I have banks on the MC6 that call up presets I’ve made across the whole board (ex: turn on a specific 3 pedals in the ML5 and set a delay bpm/subdivision with a reverb)
I’ve also got a bank set up like a stompbox mode of sorts. Each switch on the MC6 toggles a pedal on or off like a traditional board for when I’m just jamming.
And I’m personally barely scratching the surface with what the MC6 can do!

Thank you! I’m so glad this is possible!

Thank you! I’ll have to do some thinking on HOW I’ll do my board. So, I can use up
To 5 non midi and as many midi pedals I can chain? Any suggestions tho pedals that have only one midi pot? I realize one could go to the end of the chain.

But, what if 3 of the midi pedals don’t have “thru”?

Thanks again for the help!

The MC6 has standard midi out as well as 2 Omniports that can be configured to send midi but they use TRS instead. You can also get something like this and run individually to each pedal (there’s tons of options for these with 5 pin outs instead). But as long as each pedal is on a different Midi Channel I find it easier to chain as much as I can. I run the 5 pin to the ML5 thru to one of my midi pedals while using one of the Omniports to send midi to all my Boss pedals (which use 3.5mm TRS).

Very helpful! Thank you! - I guess my last question is, if the midi out on the MC6 is controlling the ML5(non-midi pedals), what midi out am I using to control my MIDI pedals? in other words, how exactly do the conections work to use both non Midi and Midi?

You can daisy chain them all together. All of your midi messages will be sent out at the same time so in this case you’d probably have the 5pin out of the MC6 into the ML5 and then out of the ML5 to the next midi pedal and out and so on. Certain pedals default to passing through midi whereas some you may have to change a setting in the pedal. Alternatively, some people will get a midi box of sorts like I linked earlier and go from the MC6 to the box which has an individual cable to each midi pedal, ML5 included. My philosophy is: why add another device if all my pedals can be daisy chained for midi? Start simple and you’re bound to start finding things to add or ways streamline your setup.

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This is so helpful for a newb! Thank you

We’ve all been there! Welcome on board. I’ve learned so much about midi in general browsing this sub and I’m always coming up with new cool ways to control my gear based off user ideas here. Between the easy editing and customer support you won’t regret buying into the Morningstar Family!

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Thanks! I just ordered a ML5 and Mc6! - One last question. What if I have more than 5 non midi pedals? can you link two ML5s together for more spots?

Yep. Setting each one to a different midi channel you can control, one or the other or both. I believe there is a built in feature/mode though where they essentially act as one unit. Either way, yes. You would just need to program the MC6 accordingly. :slight_smile: