Using MC3 with Chase Bliss

Hi I am struggling to get my Tonal Recall to work with the MC3. I’m hoping I purchased the correct cable as I bought this one from Chase Bliss:

I have followed the YouTube tutorials to send a program change to set a preset but no dice. I have also held down the tap and bypass buttons and replugged the power to resync midi channel. Finally I am using port 3 and have change the dip switch settings to be R+ Down, R Up, and T down. Would anyone be able to help me?

Unfortunately, that looks like a wrong cable. It needs to be a TRS cable, any normal one will do. That one in the link has a TS connector, and in the description, it states that the Ring side on the 1/4" plug is not connected to anything. Chase Bliss pedals received MIDI on the ring.

Whoops! I guess I assumed when it said it works with the way Chase Bliss is designed I thought they meant midi. Didn’t realize they were just referring to CV. Not new to midi but certainly new to it on my pedalboard haha. I’ll grab a new cable and return this one. Thank you.