Using MC 8 Controller with MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Pad Controller in Ableton Live

Morningstar Engineering Posted this video re controlling DAW software with the MC 3/6/8 MIDI controllers.

“The Best Ableton Foot Controller? - Morningstar MIDI for your DAW”

At 1:40 the narrator states, “As long as you have a MIDI keyboard or Pad controller connected to Ableton your tracks will automatically be armed as you scroll left to right.”

I am using my MC 8 to control Ableton mostly by using the Press/Keystroke keyboard commands. I would like to begin using Ableton more extensively, especially for looping. So this “automatically armed as you scroll left to right” feature caught my attention.

I thought the MC series of controllers could do anything–and it does what it was designed to do very well. But I am willing to augment perfection with something to make the Ableton Live experience more useful/user-friendly. I’m open to “augmentation,” not “redundancy.”

Assuming, as the above video suggests, the only way to auto arm tracks is with a MIDI keyboard or MIDI PAD controller, would someone please direct me to a resource/video/post that explains how what that looks like/ how I would use my MC 8 in conjunction with a midi keyboard/pad?

As long as you have a MIDI keyboard or Pad controller connected to Ableton…” is that all I need to do—connect one of these devices via USB to Ableton and configure it–?? And this definitely is NOT something my MC 8 can do without an additional device?


Hi Bill,

I’m not sure if I misunderstood what you’re asking - are you asking how to arm the track on selection with the MC8?

The option is not enabled by default on Ableton, and Ableton requires you to do some setup. We have the process documented here:

Sorry, James, I may have misinterpreted the narration selection of the video I referenced. When the narrator stated, “As long as you have” a midi keyboard or pad controller is connected,” the words “as long as you have” made the connection of one of these devices a necessary condition to auto arming a track upon selection. If that was not the intent, and I can indeed use my MC 8 to accomplish the same effect, then I have my answer. Thank you for the work around instructions!