Using external CC# to control presets on MC8

Hi - I’d to use Ableton to trigger presets on the MC8 (example CC# 10 @ 1 (val) should trigger preset A press action). So far I have it working somewhat - devices communicating and the preset appears to be triggered as I can see the state change (blink). However none of commands from the actions of the preset appear to fire off (they work fine from the device footswitch). Is this normal or am I missing something in the setup?

Not a scenario I use but some things to check, sorry if these come across as obvious!:

MIDI Thru settings on your MC8 ie is it set to pass inbound MIDI out again?

MIDI channels all different on all devices?

Unless you Disconnect the MC8 from the web or desktop editor, not all functions on MC8 will work (though confess I don’t know if that’s the case with inbound MIDI commands).

More recent firmwares give the option of 1) pressing a switch on MC8 jumps to that preset in editor BUT some things won’t trigger on the MC8 until you disconnect, or 2) you manually select the preset using the drop down in the editor BUT there’s no need to disconnect MC8 to allow it to execute stuff

Can you share a screenshot of your Preset A? I can test it on my end.

Midi Thru and Cross Midi Thru are both on - and I made sure to try when disconnected. Here’s a screenshot of the preset. It’s really simple and just toggles a CC# value which mutes a track in Ableton. The preset works when stomping on it. It’s just when triggering preset from Ableton CC# 14 (Preset E) Value 1 (action Press) = the preset blinks (which is good) but the values aren’t getting sent back to Ableton.

Stupid / dumb question but you’ve got a MIDI cable from the Mac’s MIDI out into the MC8’s MIDI in I guess?

No - midi is via USB