Using Aux Switches

Ah, didn’t even consider testing with an FS3X! It works, this is fantastic!

Is it possible to use two 3-button aux switches with the MC6?

Yes that’s possible, if both aux boxes are connected to omniports 1 & 2.

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I bought this aux switch for my MC3 but seems to jump up and down multiple banks (not just one at a time) when I press a switch. I’ve set the internal jumper and am using a good quality TRS cable (I’ve tested with other pedals and the cable works). Could I be missing something in the editor or device configuration settings?
Any help on this would be great.

There is a bank change delay setting in the controller settings that you can increase. The issue happening now is that there is 0 delay, so the bank changes very quickly when you press the aux switch.

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