Using Aux Switches

Ah, didn’t even consider testing with an FS3X! It works, this is fantastic!

Is it possible to use two 3-button aux switches with the MC6?

Yes that’s possible, if both aux boxes are connected to omniports 1 & 2.

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I bought this aux switch for my MC3 but seems to jump up and down multiple banks (not just one at a time) when I press a switch. I’ve set the internal jumper and am using a good quality TRS cable (I’ve tested with other pedals and the cable works). Could I be missing something in the editor or device configuration settings?
Any help on this would be great.

There is a bank change delay setting in the controller settings that you can increase. The issue happening now is that there is 0 delay, so the bank changes very quickly when you press the aux switch.


How do Aux Switches work on the MC6Pro? I read the docs and understand the Fixed Switch Custom section, but am wondering if a 3-button switch controls 3 presets of a page in a bank that corresponds to the Omniport used, (i.e., Port 1=3 presets on page 1, Port 2=3 presets on page 3, etc.,similar to the MC6mkII), or does it have 3 presets of it’s own more like on the MC8?

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On the MC6 Pro the Aux switches map on top of some of the 24 presets in a bank.

Off the top of my head I believe omniports 1&2 map on top of the six page 2 presets, and omniports 3&4 map onto page 3.

In the v3.11 firmware, you can select specific presets or functions to trigger. Same for the MC3/6/8 (have not officially released the v3.11 firmware for that yet but the beta firmware is already available.

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Thank you James!

I’m curious about what it does when using just the “Aux Switch” setting. Will it control “extra” presets per page like on the MC8, 3 per page depending on which port you use like on the MC6, or something different? I have the Pro (lovin’ it!) & have ordered a 3-button switch from Pedalnetics to use with it. My current plans are to use the Fixed Switch Custom options with it, but am curious what is possible in the “Aux Switch” mode.
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 6.39.52 AM

Extra info: I have the MC6Pro and have been using an MC8 for a little over a year. I think they are great products, and want to let you know that the support from Morningstar is beyond compare. You consistently go above and beyond to help everyone, I can’t think of a better experience with any company. Thank you for making these things exist & for taking excellent care of all of us!


Ah ok, yes its the same as the MC6/8 i.e. plugging it into Omniport 1 and the aux switch setting will let you control Presets G, H, I. Omniport 2 gives you J, K L and so on…

It’s really more of a legacy thing. The features in Fixed Switch Custom (I wish we had a better name for that) should be the new “Aux Switch”. Probably in one of the future firmware updates, we’ll issue a “breaking changes” warning where we’ll just have one aux switch setting (with the current fixed switch custom features) and remove the rest (fixed switch 1, fixed swich 2, fixed switch custom) so everyone just needs to reprogram their Omniport setting.

@james - changing the switch nomenclature in future makes a lot of sense. I’d vote for “External Footswitch” (only) in the omni drop-down and then just assign functions (bank, page, preset etc) as required. I think that will make it more intuitive

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I see that the toggle page message for the MC6 PRO has been expanded to allow more flexibility like page up and page down. Thank you! Is the same thing possible with Fixed Switch Custom? E.g., have tip be page up, and ring be page down. Looking at the editor for the MC6 PRO it seems the only page option for “toggle page”. Thanks.

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Turns out it was the switch itself. I bought the EHX 3 Button and boom worked perfectly

Wondering if a future update will expand the custom fixed switch options? Next/previous page (for MC6Pro) and go to to a specific bank (I have a home bank) would be a game changer for me. Thanks.

Is the GFI SYSTEM TRIPLE SWITCH UNIVERSAL AUX SWITCH compatible with Morningstar controllers?

@james I like the TRS Aux Switch functionality. However can we have double press, long press, etc… options back? I am pretty sure I could get away with a single small aux switch if those were available. Displaying these in the GUI might be problematic, but you’d make me happy!!! :smiley:

You can set the Aux switches to any preset (like G-L if you aren’t using the 2nd page) and those will let you use all the action types. You won’t have any visual feedback but you basically have 3 more fully functioning presets.

Got it, I’ll try that out. Thanks!

FS3xv is genious page up page down third button shift or switch to bank up bank down…