Using Aux Switches

Hi all.

I recently purchased this aux switch to work with the MC6:

I was expecting that I would be able to use it as three extra buttons that I could program to send midi messages to a Fractal FM3 attached to the MC6. Are you able to program the aux switches in this way or are they limited only to accessing two of the presets in G-L or switching between Banks on the MC6 which is how they seem to operate by default.

Is there a guide on how to set up such an aux switch with the MC6 as three extra programmable buttons? The detail in the manual is a bit brief. :blush:



For further info, I am hoping to use this aux switch to trigger the MC6 to send a midi message to FM3 to provide for increment and decrement of output volume.

On the MC6MKII, the aux switch can give you access to Presets G, H I or J, K, L, depending on which port you use. You just need to go into the global config settings and change the expression port settings to “Aux Sw”. Do note that you need to use a TRS cable

Thanks James.



I would also like to add a 2 button aux switch to my MC6 to switch the banks. Is there a switch in custom enclosure with the same height as the MC6 to put right next to the MC6 and with the top-mounted jack to save pedalboard space? makes all sorts of great aux switches. My 6 button is identical to the MC6 in all dimensions. Maybe you can send an email and ask if you can get a custom build with a top mounted jack.

Could you post a pic of your switch please? On their site they have only standard hammond enclosures which are much lower profile than the MC6.

Mine is the 6 button switch, so it’s possible the 2 button might be a little shorter in height. But drop an email to them and let him know your needs and it’s pretty possible he might be able to do it.

Well, yours and everything on their site looks pretty much like standard 1590 enclosures. I think there should be something like bent steel enclosure like the MC6 itself.

Thank you for ae recommendation anyway. I’ll email them.

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I remembered this one also. Specs say it is 1.5 inches tall…MC6 is 1.77 inches.
There is an internal switch where you can set this to TRS and just use one jack for both switches or you could use a y-cable.
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So the aux switch in its’ current functionality is limited to switch Presets G, H I or J, K, L? I can not assign one button to turn on the tuner and other 2 buttons to turn the banks up and down globally? Would be cool if I could adjust any thing I want to any button and choose any button for that (tip/ring/sleeve). Maybe in future releases?

well, you could assign one button for tuner and on the other 2 buttons assign Bank Up and Bank Down as action commands to a button press. You would need to copy the presets for each of those buttons to every bank, so you can move up and down from each one.

But how cool it would be if we were able to adjust aux switch’s to any thing we want. If it ever possible? And yes, it’s important to make thing such a bank up/down, tap tempo and tuner (talk HX Stomp) a global functions working in every bank.

@james is it even possible to make every from the 3 buttons in aux switch assignable?

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Currently not. We do have it in our backlog to look into this, but not prioritised yet

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please prioritize!!!

James said in another post that this has been implemented, and should be out in the next release after the 3.8 (or perhaps in the 3.8, depending on the agenda). This feature will free all presets G-H-I for other use. Note however that the assignable Aux Switch will have only a global action (the same one for each bank) due to memory limitations on the MC6, but still it will be very useful.

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Simple question: when using an aux switch, do you only have a ‘press’ function, or do the switches work just like the MC8 switches (press, release, long press, etc.)?

I’m not positive on every switch out there, but I have “FS3-X2 Six button footswitch pedal” and it does mimic MC8- long press, release etc

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Yes, all actions will be available if using the “Aux Sw” setting

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