Using AUX switch w MC8 - access to more than just 3 buttons?

I was curious if the MC8 will work with anything beyond just a 3 button switch? It seems that if I want access to more external switches, I’d need to take up an additional omni-port. Is this true or is there a way (even DIY) to have an external switch box drive more than 3 additional switches?

Any and all advice is more than appreciated.


My assumption is that an omniport is limited to three switches, otherwise there’d be stuff in the manual and on here about using many switches!

That said, you’ve got 4 omniports so you could eg make a box with 6 switches and wire it back to two of the omniports on two separate TRS leads. Wiring diagram is in the manual.


This is what I do, works great.

Its max 3 switches per port, because with a stereo jack, there are a maximum of 3 unique combinations (Tip, Ring, Tip + Ring) that can be read.

We can explore a Strymon-style footswitch in the future, where they use resistors to divide the voltage. But no one builds such a box so the only possibility is DIY (which only a very small number of users will do). And we’ll need time to do some experimentation on this first.


This would, of course, be sweet.

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I asked because I have a Red Panda Remote that isn’t being used and I’d love to have some dedicated switches without having to build or buy anything. Anyone who builds a 4 button switch for the Red Panda stuff would build these and there are plenty of options out there…but yeah, same thing, resistors to divide voltage.

I’ll make due with the switches I have…the device is SO flexible that it just takes few minutes to consider your goals against the options available. I have yet to find something I cannot do with these devices. Truly amazing and unmatched flexibility