Using aux switch to move banks on other pedals


I’m wanting to use an aux switch to change banks on my MC6 whilst also sending midi messages to my Timeline and HX Stomp to get them to change banks simultaneously.

I’m a bit of midiot at the moment so any help would be much appreciated!

What you could is is identify what PRESETS are recalled when you press the switches on your AUX SWITCH pedal. Let’s say it has 3 switches which correspond to Q, R and S.

While connected to the editor, press the switch for PRESET Q and start programing what you need. For example, in the MESSAGE 1 the type will be BANK UP, which means that when you press that preset, your MC6 will BANK UP. Then, your MESSAGE 2 could be whatever CC message your Timeline requires for BANK UP, and your MESSAGE 3, the CC required by your HX Stomp.

After you’re done programming your BANK UP functions for PRESET Q, your could do the same with R and S, assining BANK DOWN and TOGGLE PAGE.

This means that by pressing one Switch you will get the 3 simultaneous actions on your 3 devices.

Then only bad thing is that you woul’d have to program the same thing for every bank, but using the COPY/PASTE functions it shouldn’t take long.