Using AND/OR logic in programming

hi. i think i might have figured it out, but still confused

if I make a double command and want the pedal to react to either long press OR release, how will i make that happen. i don’t want both commands to happen, just one or the other…

i’d be most thankful if someone could help me out

Hello @nilsemil
That’s the natural behavior of the controler with Long Press and Release. Just one will run. You only run the Release msgs after a short press and that’s not the case when you make a long one.
The same wouldn’t apply to Press and Long Press. Both will run, first the Press and, after that, the Long Press.

Just put both actions on the same preset. [Uses & Ideas] Value Scroll Counters - #2 by moley6knipe Should give you the idea - look at screenshots for preset a and preset b. I’ve used two different actions on the same preset