Using an MC6 to toggle loops on the ML10x

excuse me if this has already been answered somewhere else before…

but I would like to be able to toggle loops on the ML10x using the MC6. I know this is possible, but is there a way for the MC6 to retrieve loop states (on/off) from the ML10x and display the correct option? Or can I even just have a “blank” preset, where all loops are off and then the MC6 can just assume that I am on that setting in order to toggle the loops?

I really want to switch away from my boss ES-8, but I need a way to just manually toggle the loops so that I can just use my loops as normal. Only being able to use presets is a deal breaker for me here

As far as I know it’s a one way system with the ML10 setting out it’s stall and the midi controller as a ‘dumb’ terminal which then interacts with the current state.

What can be done is to predefine the MC6 based on the settings of each ML10 patch. e.g. if you know ML10 patch 1 has 5 loops (for argument and example: compressor, overdrive, high gain, delay and reverb) and loops 1 and 5 are ON, the MC6 bank 1 can be set to know that and set buttons to the the state of on or off, depending.

Hi. Ideally, you should be using the ‘Morningstar ML10X’ message type and select ‘Toggle Toggle Loops’. That way, when you press a switch, a loop will be toggled to the opposite state regardless of what state it is in. This will always be “in sync”. However, that does not mean the preset blinking on the MC6 will be in sync.

Yes, you can easily bypass all loops on the ML10X and start with a blank slate. We will possibly add the ML10X Message Type to Bank Presets in the next firmware update. This will allow you to bypass all loops upon entering a particular bank.

At the moment, the work around is to program a preset that bypasses all loops on the ML10X. Then use the ‘Engage Preset’ message type to engage that preset upon entering a bank. That way you will have a fresh start when entering a bank, with all ML10X loops bypassed. You can then toggle them on/off and switch blinking will be in sync. If you are unfamiliar with Bank Presets, check out this video: