Using an Expression Pedal to Auto Engage Was Block on Line 6 Helix

I’ve been struggling trying to setup an expression pedal with my Helix using MIDI to auto turn on a wah block. I have a Morningstar MC8 controller. I plug the expression pedal into one of the extension inputs on the controller. I was successful in configuring the expression pedal and Morningstar controller to bypass/enable a wah block when moving the expression pedal. However, the expression pedal turns off the wah block whenever it is below 50% of the sweep. I have the setting on the Helix to turn off when the sweep is under 5%, yet that setting doesn’t seem to have any impact on what happens. I’ve set the wah block to bypass and change position via MIDI CC#15.

This is a video I’ve uploaded to YouTube that shows what happens:

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Sorry no one replied yet. I’ve got an HX Stomp. I will see if I can do it on my Stomp. When I was looking at the manual earlier, it mentioned an expression pedal setting to auto turn off block if exp pedal is not being used for 100 ms (1/10 sec) - perhaps that is what is occuring?

In the v3.8.0 beta firmware, we added a feature where you can send CC or PC messages when your Expression Preset is engaged, or disengaged.

James - I’ve got firmware version 3.8.5 and editor 1.1.5, and I don’t see ‘Send CC on Engage’ or ‘1 → ML5’ as choices in the drop down box. I’ve got PC set to zero, ‘Send to all MIDI Channels’ set to ‘Yes’. Here’s a screen shot.

I’ve sure I’ve left out a lot of pertinent information. What else do I need to add?

The preset that is selected on the editor is not an Expression Preset. You need to either

  1. move your expression pedal to load the Expression Preset settings (make sure the load data setting is selected in the Editor Settings Tab)
  2. Select the expression preset from the dropdown menu. If your expression pedal is connected to Port 1, then it will be engaging Exp Preset 1.