Using an Expression Pedal to Auto Engage Was Block on Line 6 Helix

I’ve been struggling trying to setup an expression pedal with my Helix using MIDI to auto turn on a wah block. I have a Morningstar MC8 controller. I plug the expression pedal into one of the extension inputs on the controller. I was successful in configuring the expression pedal and Morningstar controller to bypass/enable a wah block when moving the expression pedal. However, the expression pedal turns off the wah block whenever it is below 50% of the sweep. I have the setting on the Helix to turn off when the sweep is under 5%, yet that setting doesn’t seem to have any impact on what happens. I’ve set the wah block to bypass and change position via MIDI CC#15.

This is a video I’ve uploaded to YouTube that shows what happens:

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Sorry no one replied yet. I’ve got an HX Stomp. I will see if I can do it on my Stomp. When I was looking at the manual earlier, it mentioned an expression pedal setting to auto turn off block if exp pedal is not being used for 100 ms (1/10 sec) - perhaps that is what is occuring?

In the v3.8.0 beta firmware, we added a feature where you can send CC or PC messages when your Expression Preset is engaged, or disengaged.