Using an Auxilary switch or Fixed switch to perform the A+B preset bank function

On my MC3 I can select the other presets D,E, and F by pressing A+B Simultaneously. I am hoping there is a way to program my auxilary switch to perform this function of displaying the other three presets. I find pressing buttons A+B at the same time to be cumbersome and would love to do it with my aux switch. So far I have only been able to use the aux switch for banking in one direction or accessing a single preset, D, E, or F. Is there a way to use it to display remaining 3 of the 6 presets?

If your Aux switch has 3 switches (usually the 3rd switch grounds the Tip and Ring. Schematic is available in the manual), the T+R switch toggles the page, if you are using the FixedSw1 or 2 setting.

In the v3.8.0 beta firmware, we have added a new feature where you can assign functions to the aux switches, so its possible to use the aux switch to bank up/down, toggle page, tap midi clock etc.

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Hi, this feature is really cool. And many features of 3.8 are a big jump forward. Thanks.

Could you please add also a bank jump to this list ? Or at least bank jump to bank 1 ?
I use my switch this way, going to a main bank that link to other banks. Of course actually i does it as Aux switch but with this new function i can “save” presets J-L for other things.


Out of space my aux switch is just one button. Therefore it doesn’t function well for changing banks as it only moves one direction. I could do most of what I need to on the 6 presets available for now if I could use the single switch to perform the pg toggle to other remaining presets.

If I understand the 3.80 update will allow me to assign my single switch to perform this function which is exciting. I’ll give it a shot.

Either way much of this will be alleviated once I upgrade to an MC6. It’s more a question if I can wait until the new Summer MC6 release.