Using a flashing preset and changing pages - Bug?

I have an MC6 and just noticed a new bug using my Aux switch to toggle pages. Say I have a Preset engaged and flashing (A-F), if I change pages at the “invisible” part of the flashing, those corresponding Presets (G-L) will not show up on the controller. Hope this makes sense. Uploaded a demo showing how I can time it to get them showing or not.

Never noticed this before the last update but maybe I always got lucky before with my timing.

Note, those blank Presets still work and everything shows up again if I click anything once on the 2nd page.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had similar stuff happen in the past.

Yeah, I’ve seen something similar happening too. But was never able to repeat the error and film it.

yes its a bug. Ive fixed it and it will be in v3.9.4. I’ll publish the firmware this week.


James you’re the best!

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