Using 2 MC6's With The GT1000-CORE?

Wondering it this would be possible?
What I’d like to do is is have one MC6 for patch/Program changes and another to toggle effects on and off on the CORE.
Since the effects on/off unit wouldn’t be able to tell what is on or off on the CORE within the preset, I’d need to set up banks in the effects MC6 to correspond with each CORE patch. At least I think I’d need to.
Does this make sense?

Sounds like overkill? Would it be better to opt for MC8 instead? Thing is, both MC6 and 8 are good in controlling gear via midi (so information going out of the device). It is not so much designed with thoughts of how a MCx itself can be addressed via midi from outside. It can pass through midi data though. I think you will face problems to tell the effects MC6 that a different preset has been selected at the preset MC6. I would rather try to keep everything in one device. Can you estimate how many banks/presets you’ll actually need? Plenty of functionality can be stuffed already into one device.

That should be doable: you’ll want to send a Program Change message from your preset MC6 to the MIDI channel assigned to the effects MC6, as well as whatever Program Change message you have assigned to the GT1000. @Karsten is right that there are ways to arrange this with an MC8, but if using two MC6s makes more sense, go for it.

Thanks for the help, and could be overkill certainly.
I already own one MC6 and bought an MC3 thinking it might work, but it is not working as I planned.
I think the lack of a MIDI In on the MC3 is the issue for me in this scenario. While I am able to get the MC3 to turn effects on/off on the CORE, and the MC6 to change patches, once I patch change the MC3 has no idea what effects are already on or off in the new patch. Unless I’ve missed something obvious.
Perhaps an MC8 would be the way to go and dedicate certain switches to patches and others to effects. But I figured that since I already own one MC6 a second one would be cheaper than a new MC8.

One MC8 would probably do nicely. You could maybe come up with some system where one preset/footswitch could jump you to another bank to let you choose from some Program changes and then jump you back to your previous effects bank when you’ve made a choice.
It is possible to create a system with multiple controllers (I use 2 MC8s synced back and forth with each other). But it can sometimes have it’s hassles of getting the devices working together without having midi commands getting caught in an endless loop going back and forth. I had to come up with a system using a midi merge and midi thru box to get them playing nice together.

I still have an old MC6 sitting around that I’m trying to work onto a smaller board, so you might find a use later on for yours too.

Yeah, an MC8 may be the answer.
I’m sure I’d find a use for the MC3 at some point.
I don’t want to over complicate things more than I need to.