[Uses & Ideas] Value Scroll Counters

I was finally able to make use of the scroll counters!

First, I set up a counter for turning on and off the looper on my Hologram Microcosm. I set Counter 0 to:

Next, I set up Preset V on all my banks to toggle between two Release actions:

Boom! Now I have a global looping preset that takes me to a bank full of looping functions. That was easier than I thought, so I move on to a switch that can simply scroll through presets on my Volante. Previously, a global “eject button” preset I have couldn’t reset the Message Scroll. Now that it’s tied to a counter instead of just scrolling through the PC messages themselves, it can.

Let’s hear your uses and ideas for the scroll counter!

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** Updated: Requires Beta 3.9.0 firmware **

This lets me step through presets on my Source Audio C4, and get visual feedback on the MC6 of what preset is active on the C4.

Scroll counter 0:

Preset A:

On the C4, CC 104 means “recall the preset specified by the CC value Engaged”.
Release: Advance 1.
Double Tap: Advance 5

Preset B:

Preset C:

On the C4, CC 105 is bypass / engage toggle (any value can be used).

Preset E:

This lets me jump to C4 preset #60 (which is where my synths start) regardless of where I am in my browsing (because of the counter reset). Of course, this is extensible e.g. add other “jumps” to other action types like Long Press Release etc.

Preset D:

This gives me the preset number from the C4 top-left on the MC6 screen (that’s all it does, the switch does nothing).
%F0 placeholder gives me counter 0 offset by 1, so the MC6 screen will show 1-128 instead of 0-127 (good, because sending a CC value of 0 to C4 recalls preset 1).

Preset F:

On the C4, CC 103 means “recall the preset specified by the CC value Bypassed”.
Press: this recalls preset 1 on the C4 bypassed, and resets the counter i.e. “take me home!”
Long Press Release: jumps to my home Bank, Bank 1

Bank messages:

When I enter this bank, Counter 0 is reset to 0.
When I exit this bank, recalls preset 1 on the C4 bypassed (i.e. turn the C4 off).


I just started programming my MC8 today, and I found a use for the Scroll Counter in the speed controls for the looper on my TimeFactor. It’s not a “counter” in this case so much as it’s a “variable.” I have presets set up on my Speed bank to directly control my preferred combinations of loop speed and direction (1x, 1/2x, -1x, -1/2x); these each send a specific CC value to the TimeFactor, but also store that value in counter 0. The “pause” preset is a toggle that switches between the zero-speed CC value, which pauses the loop, and the value stored in counter 0; this enables me to exit a pause back into whatever speed setting I was in previously. I also set up the various speed buttons with a long-press action, which updates the counter without changing the playback speed, so that I can exit a pause into a different speed and direction.


Wow, this is brilliant stuff y’all! I can already start to imagine using a variation of this in my setup…

@moley6knipe I’m curious about the “counter-display” preset that you’re using in this setup. How often does that display refresh? Do you ever end up in a situation where the number that’s showing is not reflective of the actual preset number you’re on?

Yeah, of course you need to really start from CC 0 because the MC can’t actually know what preset you’re on. Actually, I think I’ll add a bank entry command to do exactly that…

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I was messing around with the Scroll Counter today in combination with the Toggle Preset command, and found a way to execute @moley6knipe’s example Presets A, B, and D in a single preset. This takes advantage of the fact that you can use Toggle positions without setting the preset in Toggle Mode - you just have to manually invoke the toggle with a different action. Here’s the setup:

-Give the preset the short name “Preset> %F0” and the toggle name “<Preset %F0”. (This will make more sense in a moment.) Make sure that Toggle Mode is OFF.

-Assign a Release action in Pos 1 to increase-and-send the counter value.

-Assign a Release action in Pos 2 to decrease-and-send the counter value.

-Assign a Long Press in both positions to flip the toggle on the preset.

And there you go! The preset name tells you what preset you’re on, and which direction you’re scrolling. Long-press to switch directions. This is not as convenient as separate buttons if you need to move back and forth between two adjacent presets repeatedly, but if you’re short for space in a bank, it’s a compact solution to the scrolling problem.

[EDIT: This refers to a prior example of @moley6knipe’s setup, and no longer matches the programming shown in the upthread post.]


Just edited my “C4 browsing” example of May 23 to take advantage of the new CC Value Scroll ‘Step Value’ feature. Also added some bank jump stuff.

Thanks for posting this!