[Uses & Ideas] - Suhr Discovery - initial config and ideas

I recently picked up a Suhr Discovery and have been getting my head around it’s capabilities. It’s an analog delay with modulation but also full MIDI control. It’s a great sounding thing and my starting point has been to get it to sound like my big box EHX Memory Man but with a lot more control

I thought it might be of interest so thought I’d post here. I recently got my head around scroll counters and have used three in this bank

Any suggestions of alternative approaches will be welcome!

Button Assignments

A - wave shape - triangle / sine / square - using CC scroll to cycle between 3 states
B - delay divisions - using CC scroll to cycle between 5 states
C - changes between two delay divisions to give momentary doubling
D - tap tempo
E - swaps Discovery screen between showing milliseconds and programme number
F - low pass filter full or half
G - programme down - using PC scroll
H - programme up - using PC scroll

Expression pedal 1 - delay time
Expression pedal 2 - delay feedback

The 3 button breakout box is used on every bank I have to switch to the second screen or return to bank 1 which is a ‘master bank’ that has links to the other banks I use

This is an initial pass but I will probably use the second page for at least 4 presets. I could also swap the delay time on the expression pedal for delay volume


Very inspiring!

I just started controlling my Discovery with an MC3. Just basic functions - Bypass, Preset Up, Preset Down, but it’s very cool to see what you’ve come up with.

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Thankyou subplot. MIDI capability is a great thing and I’m a bit of an evangelist to get people to think more than using it to change presets (not that there’s anything wrong with that). If it makes anyone think ‘perhaps I could do xx’ then that’s a good thing.