Usefulness of Strymon CCs for Controlling Big Sky and Timeline "Parameters?"

I use my MC8 for basic meat and potato interactions with my Strymon Pedals. I have factory and custom presets in toggle mode on my switches, I have one switch dedicated to bypass and, so far, that’s pretty much it. As with the other pedals on my board, I’m sure I’ll discover other “useful” midi applications for my Timeline and Big Sky pedals.

Strymon provides a long list of midi controllable “parameters” (the utilities accessed by pushing the VALUE knob) with their attendant cc#s and value ranges. There are 36 discrete parameters listed and each has a range of values.

It would not be uncharacteristic of me to be missing something, but since I have already used those parameters to adjust my my saved presets, what is the value of controlling the parameters with my foot switch?

The only application(s) I can imagine is to cherry pick those parameters that I might want to use on the fly, like adjusting the Timeline’s tremolo speed with an expression pedal or duck sensitivity. Am I on the right track with this one?

I doubt I’d personally do that because I’m pretty dependent on presets, and when I adjust one parameter, it usually affects another so the process is more extensive than programming one preset or pushing one switch. But for those more inclined to on-the-fly improvisation maybe they dedicate a bank for it?

Anyway, I’d appreciate learning if and how others have used their MCx’s to control “parameters” on their Strymon pedals.