"Use Value from Expression" understanding

I am wondering if I am using the “Use Value from Expression” for its intended purpose. I set a button press to reduce time and increase feedback for a delay. When I release the button, I would like it to resume at the feedback level I had set with expression 1.
It is all working as expected except for setting feedback to the lower expression pedal setting upon button release. It does reduce it, but no where close to any original setting ranging from 0-100%
Am I understanding the feature usage correctly?

Hi. That is actually a great use of that feature. We’ve just tested it using the Timeline in our shop and it works well and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps you can share your expression pedal settings as well? Ours successfully returns the delay feedback levels to where we leave it at on our exp pedal.

The expression pedal is set pretty simple. It just sweeps about 20%-100% feedback. The button brings the TimeFactor into self oscillation.
But when I release the button it is only dropping the feedback a couple percent. Depending on where the expression pedal is set, feedback only goes to 98-100% when I release.

If it is working for you, perhaps you can share your settings? Mine are only partly working.

Thank you for your help.

I tried a different expression pedal. Works like a champ.
Thank you for testing the idea and confirming it should work. It made me press on!

Very happy to hear that. Perhaps the first expression pedal was not so good at holding its position. Enjoy!