Use TRS and 5 PIN MIDI ports at sme time?

Can anyone tell me if I can use BOTH the 5 Pin MIDI ports AND TRS at the same time? Was hoping to connect a Boss RC-5 via mini TRS and my HX stomp via Standard MIDI cable. Holding off on purchase until I can figure it all out. Thanks in advance.

Absolutely! I’ve got my Boss DD-200 chained out of the TRS to an RC-500 and still use the 5pin to my other midi pedals. This controller is INCREDIBLE!

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Thank you. That is awesome! I will order the MC6 then.


That’s what I use, and idk how much you are controlling but you may want to look at the MC8 also. I use an aux switch (3 buttons) that takes up one of the 2 omni ports and my other is used by the Boss pedals. Works great! But now I’m itching for an expression pedal too and may end up going back to all 5pin for midi. The MC8, if you have the space and money, just has a lot of benefits I’m realizing now that I’m more midi involved. You can do just about everything with the MC6 though if your chain is simple enough to not need the extra omniports.

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My setup is pretty simple. I have an HX Stomp Xl, Boss RC-5, Boss BD-2, and a Dunlop DVP4 Exp Pedal. I use the Boss BD-2 in a mono effects loop in the HX Stomp XL, so I never have to touch it. The MC6 would be used almost exclusively to control the Boss RC-5 and maybe the HX Stomp XL once in a while. In hind sight, I probably should have went with a regular HX Stomp and a MC8. Maybe next time around :slight_smile:

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Then yeah that’d work great! I highly recommend looking into a 3 button aux switch for your other onmiport. Give you access to 3 of the 2nd page presets (ex: G, H and I) OR you can program them globally as a number of different features. (bank up, toggle page, bank down) Helps bridge the gap to the MC8