Use scroll counter to select PC message number

Mc8 v3.8.3
I have two midi enabled pedals - Strymon Sunset & Meris Polymoon.
These devices don’t have screens.
I need to save presets on these pedals by providing a PC Message number to the pedal when it is put in ‘save’ mode.
Can you tell me how to implement this using a PC Scroll counter?

e.g. I want to scroll through the counter to a specific number - then use that number in a PC Message to save the pedal settings in that location.

Is this currently possible?
Thanks for your help.

In order to save a preset on those pedals, you’ll need to send the PC# via the Morningstar to the pedal.
Let’s say you have the perfect preset, you go to the save mode. Then in the MS editor, you choose the particular midi channel and assign (let’s say) PC#60 to Bank1 Preset A…when the Strymon pedal is in save mode, you just need to press the switch on your MS. The preset is then saved to PC#60!

Thanks for your input.
I do understand how to save a FX pedal preset to a discrete location using Program Change Message (PCM).
but that is not what I want to do.

I want to create a sound on the FX pedal, SCROLL to a particular PC number on my MC8 Midi Controller - using the new Scroll Counter list object.
While the Pedal is live on my pedalboard - and then save the changes to THAT location.

I also don’t want to manually go into ‘edit mode’ on the MC8 Controller, and create a location every time.
This is more about how to implement this using the PC Message Scroll option.

Ah ok, now I see…
Honestly, I’m quite new to Midi and just in a discovery phase myself…not really sure if this is possible since I haven’t found an option that increases PC numbers and shows them.
I could imagine that the “easiest” (maybe only?) way would be something like:

  • program the two right switches as “UP” and “DOWN”
  • the 6 on the left something like PC#1, PC#2, etc…with the particular PC#
  • scroll through pages with UP & DOWN with 6 Presets each
  • find the setting you want and press the particular PC-Switch

Thanks for your suggestion.

Bob Watson

Hello @OpusAmbient and @Sasan
I have done that for selecting presets on my Boss RC-505 looper and I think it should work with your stuff. Here’s what I did.
Supose your memory presets go from 1 to 99 and you want to use switch H in MC8 to increase the preset number from 1 to 99 and D to decrease before saving.
First off all you decide what counter use in Global settings, lets say counter 0 and define Start Value=0 , Min=0 (one less the min preset value) Max=98 (one less the max of preset value).

Your preset H program should be something like this:
Type=PC Number Scroll,
Scroll Type=Increase by 1 and send
PC Number as Value in Counter=0
Midi Channel=(your gear channel)
The name of the preset should contain a variable with the current value of the PC command you will send. For example MEM+ 11, MEM+ 12…
Short Name=MEM+ %F0.

Your preset D program should be the same except
Scroll Type=Decrease by 1 and send
Short Name=MEM- %F0.

Hope it works for you as it did for me.

Thanks XLooper
The Morningstar Team are going to add a ‘Scroll Only” action - to the Scroll Counter MSG, and fix a bug in the display of the Scroll pointer ‘placeholder’ %Enn which only displays correctly at the END of the Msg name - not in the middle as I wanted.

That way I can just scroll to the preset I want at any time - WITHOUT triggering a send msg.
Then I will use a “Send Only %Enn” button and name - to save the new preset at the correct location.
The pedals I’m talking about have no screens - so it’s important to know where I am sending the pedal settings I want to save as a preset.
It should also scroll quicker - without sending too.

Bob Watson

Thanks for the good news @OpusAmbient .

Let’s suppose I set a SCROLL COUNTER to have a range of 24 numbers, to represent the relevant PC message numbers 1-24, ranging from ZERO → 23.

Once I realised that you set the Scroll Counter to start from ZERO, and then use the %Fnn placeholder (NOT THE %Enn placeholder which will start at ZERO) which automatically adds ONE to the scroll pointer value, when I use the “Increment/decrement by 1 and send’ action it all works just great.

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