Use MC8 Midi PassThrough to edit H9s

I want to control my board setup from one computer via MIDI.

I want to use the H9 Control app on my Mac to send changes to the two H9s which are downstream from my MC-8. The Morningstar editor is connected to MC-8 via MIDI “D” plug. The MC-8 is connected to H9#1 via 5-pin and H9#2 is downstream from there via out-in 5-pin from H9#1. So, assuming I have the Morningstar editor open…how can I open H9 Control and edit both H9s? Essentially passing thru the MC-8 to get there. Can I pass both application’s MIDI connections via the single cable plugged into the MC-8?

I have attempted Mac Bluetooth to the H9s but it fails. I connect to #1 and when I add #2…that fails and usually kicks off #1 as well.

Currently I use the MC-8 Editor via cable and reach my H9s via an iPad Bluetooth connection.

Clarification. I want to send edited Patch Configurations and Lists to the H9s.

Seemed I solved my problem. it won’t work.

I was thinking pass-thru was the concern but the real issue is the H9 does not support preset updates via MIDI. Only USB or Bluetooth. Dang!