Use Mac Finder to manage banks

Is there currently a way to export all banks individually to a folder in Finder in one go? I would prefer to just manage all my banks there, and drag and drop them into my controller whenever I need to.

currently, no, but we’d be interested to allow the user to output the files to multiple bank files in a downloadable zip file if that’s possible. will check

Ok I just pushed an update to the offline editor. Here’s what you can do:

After you have downloaded your all banks data in the editor, go to the offline editor: Morningstar MIDI Editor

Click on Load From File and then load your all banks file.

Then just click on Save To Individual Bank Files. This will save all the banks as individual bank files and let you download a zip file.

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Oh VERY nice. I recognise those banks! :grinning: This will be really useful, nice addition!

Looks like / has been used to replace : in the filename… that will cause issues on windows. Perhaps replace the usual set of illegal chars with underscore instead?

ah ok, i’ll need to do some cleaning of the bank file names first. will look into it later.

Will also look into the possibility of being able to upload a zip file with bank files inside, so you should be able to just drag and drop your bank files into a folder, zip it, then upload it into the editor.

The goal of these features is to make managing set lists easier

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Wow, thanks James! Can’t wait to try this!

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We’ve just added the upload zip function in the offline editor.

So you can just drag your “bank” data dump files into a folder, zip it, and then upload it into the offline editor. the bank files will need to be named appropriately i.e. “Bank_1.json” or “xxx_Bank_1_abcdefxx.json” to load it to bank 1.

Will see how this feature works out, then we can probably integrate this function (upload zip) into the Controller Backup feature in the main editor.

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