Use exp1 exp2 to control red switch jhs?

Would people know if it is possible to use exp1 and exp2 to control the red switch of the jhs pedals? I would like to trigger this function through my mc6 mkii! Thanks

It might work if you purchase one of those to connect between the MC and the JHS pedal…

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Or: if the functions that the Red Switch performs on the JHS pedal can be accessed / enabled via MIDI CC commands, you’d be able to program the MC to send those functions to the JHS

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thank you very much I thought the MC had this internal function I just made the purchase of the relay!

The midi controllers support the following on the multi function ports (the trs sockets, not the 5 pin midi din):

  • expression input
  • button input (up to 3 buttons)
  • midi output

It’s hard to keep this straight.

Most midi controllers have this issue on their multi-function ports. It’s the sweet spot of what you can do without getting fancy/special purpose in the electronics and handle the various ways the other devices might destroy the controller’s electronics (which is what the add-on devices like the relay are designed to handle for specific purposes).

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