Use 1 footswitch to toggle an effect on/off and also bank jump

I’m trying to use 1 footswitch to toggle a pedal on/off, and also to jump banks if i double tap. The only issue is that although the double tap doesn’t change the on/off state of the pedal, it changes the toggle state on the preset page so when I return to that bank, the toggle state and the effect state (on/off) doesn’t match, and I have to press the footswitch once to get them to sync up again. Any ideas on how to get around this?

If the Preset toggle mode is turned on, the preset will toggle as long as a message is executed. If this is not the behaviour you want, you should turn the preset toggle off, and then use a Preset Toggle message type to toggle the preset only with a specific action. Here’s an example:

Preset toggle is turned off, but Msg3 will toggle the preset only on a Press action.

One more question - is it possible to edit the toggle states of specific presets of other banks with a button press? For example: it’d be nice to have one page be a “stompbox” mode and then have other pages engage certain scenes w/ multiple pedals, then return to the “stompbox mode” page and have the toggle states displayed be accurate

The MC doesn’t “know” stuff like toggle positions… it has to be told.

If you’ve got a preset on page one of a bank which calls effect pedal 1, and another preset on page 2 of the same bank calling the same effect pedal 1, you could maybe use Set Toggle messages Message Type List for this - you’d need the bank’s toggle to be off:

You should be able to keep disparate preset toggle positions in sync but whether that’ll actually do what you’re after kinda depends how you program the presets I think…

See also “Preset Toggle Groups” to keep toggle states in sync across banks:…951910401.html