USB HUB for MC6Pro to C4 recommendation

I’m setting up my new MC6Pro to control a bunch of things in including a SA C4. I got a SA Neuro Hub and thought I could send PC’s to the C4 but no, the Neuro Hub saves “scenes” of SA pedals IMO in a convoluted way :frowning:

So I can:

  • continue the convolution of saving C4 scenes on the Nuero Hub,
  • get the Source Audio Midi Adapter
  • get a USB powered Hub and control up to three USB Midi compliant devices.

I believe those are my options.

Anybody using a powered USB Hub to control devices from that they can recommend?


I’m controlling my C4 directly from the MC 6 PRO via the USB host port. No need for the Neuro hub or midi adapter. I’m having some issues with midi clock but other than it is working great for me.

Thanks. That’s a short term solution for me for live.

What midi clock issues you having?

With a straight USB cable from Morning Star to C4 I don’t think both editors could be loaded on computer screen at the same time?

I have 5 devices syncing to midi clock including a click track for my IEM’s. C4 and my Poly Beebo BPM displays seem to take a bar before they settle on a BPM. My HX Stomp XL and Boss SY-200 don’t display incoming midi clock BPM but I suspect they wiggle on those 1st beats too. The further the device is away from source, the less I trust midi clock.

I also have custom FOB wireless remotes wired to programed Arduino units sending midi to my MC6Pro currently via Midi DIN. It would simplify my set up to convert the Arduino to USB Midi.

AND at some point I want try the SA Ultra Wave which would require another USB port so…

Still got to try a USB powered Hub.

I’ve noticed that the C4 doesn’t accept MIDI PC messages via USB Host, but they implemented CC to recall presets. I’m curious about the clock issue, too.

About that, SA just released a small formfactor adapter to convert standart MIDI that can be plugged into the control port.

@UnoManBand - if you’ve got a Hub then I would use that for connecting C4 to the MC. Leaves the C4’s USB free for stuff and makes adding further SA pedals easy in future.

For the newer SA pedals (C4, Atlas, Ultrawave etc) it’s not mandatory to save scenes in the Hub. You can just recall sounds on the C4 by sending it CCs…

Aha!!! Thanks, this a a great solution! I remember seeing CC to engage and disengage but i missed seeing the CC controls on C4 to recall presets. Went back copy of manual and it’s right there just like you shared :nerd_face:

For anyone wondering, these hubs have worked for me with the MC6 Pro:

SABRENT 60W 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub Includes 3 Smart Charging Ports with Individual Power Switches and LEDs and 60W 12V/5A Power Adapter (HB-B7C3)

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IIRC hubs with only USB ports (no HDMI, sd card reader, etc) work best.

@UnoManBand - the cool thing about sending CCs to engage presets is that it doesn’t matter what “engaged” state you’ve saved the preset in on the C4… using CCs you can recall the C4 preset engaged or bypassed, your choice.

Pro tips:

add such frequently used commands to your User Library in the MC editor (and back it up to a json file periodically).

In Neuro editor with the C4 connected to your laptop via USB, open the C4’s MIDI map. What I’ve done is for example map filter 1 and filter 2 frequencies to a couple of CCs, and then stored those as expression messages on my MC. Means I can set my exp pedal connected to my MC to control any sweepable C4 parameter