USB Audio Filter Not Compatible with ML10X

I recently replaced my ML5 with and ML10X. When I connect my pedalboard to my audio interface, and simultaneously connect the device via USB, I get a significant amount of ground noise. To mitigate this problem, I use an in-line usb noise filter. I works fine for my MC8. I have no issue with device detection or working with the online configuration tool. However, the ML10X does not seem to like it. My computer is able to detect the device, but the online editor is unable to interact with it. When I remove the filter device, the online editor works flawlessly with it My conclusion is that the filter is not compatible with the ML10X. Do you know of any USB noise filter that works with this device?

The rev B ML10Xs use a different chip which runs at USB Hi-speed (480mbps) where most of these USB isolators work with USB full-speed (12mbps).

We have already worked on a firmware to step this down to USB full-speed which should work with your USB isolator.

I’ll just upload it here first:
2023-12-08_ML10X_REV_B_Firmware_v_1_1_3_Beta.hex (543.0 KB)

There are no other changes except for changing the USB interface from USB Hi-speed to USB Full speed.

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That fixed the issue.

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