Upgrading from MC6 to MC8, can I copy preset settings over?

I expect to receive my MC8 tomorrow. I got the MC6 a few months ago, but realized the extra expression inputs would be great. Anyways, I’m going to be using mc8 much the same way as my mc6. So do I have to start from scratch on the editor? Or is there a click and drag option? Export import etc?

unfortunately, no you can’t move the data over as the data structures are different between both devices.

I think I already know the answer based on your reply (but I’m hoping maybe something changed and I put a lot of work into programing my MC6)…I think the MC8 is ultimately more practical for me, but it sounds like programming on the MC6 can’t be moved over to the MC8?

As a secondary note, a big part of the reason I’m switching to the MC8 in an “accessibility issue”: the light on dark LED screen on the MC8 is much easier to read for a visually impaired person (like me) than the dark on light screen on the MC6.

I actually think this has changed since then, I’ll try the search function.

yes in v3.9, it’s possible to load the json data dump files from different devices. If loading from MC6 to MC8, it’ll fill up presets A to L on the MC8.

You’ll still need to check some of the presets if you’re using some messages types with device specific parameters, like Set Toggle (because MC6 and MC8 has different number of presets)

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This is brilliant. Thank you!