Upgraded BeatBuddy with TRS Midi

Hello everybody
Just finished upgrade of my Beatbuddy replacing the proprietary midi socket with two TRS midi sockets. From now on I don’t need the proprietary BeatBuddy Midi Sync Cable for connecting to my Morningstar MC8, just TRS cables.

Probably my warranty was done but it was worth it. I used TRS Type A standard. For type B you have to make the necessary adjustments.

  1. You need 5 wires, two 6,5 TRS sockets, a driller to make the holes and a soldering iron.

  2. I disassembled the printed circuit board where the Mini Dinconnector is soldered.
    For that you have to remove the backplate, the phones potentiometer wheel and 3 screws.
    To identify the soldering points in the printed circuit I connected two Midi Cables to the Midi Sync cable IN and Out and tested where pins 2,4 and 5 were connected using a multimeter. I made a drawing of resulting scheme. The points 1-6 are the soldering points of the Midi Din connector.

  3. Make the holes on the Beatbuddy Box. You have to be carefull on chosing TRS stereo connectors that are small enough for the space you have and protecting the interior so that the aluminum pieces do not float inside

  4. I did not remove the old socket so I have a backup connection in case of a connection problem with the new ones. Connect points 5 and 2 to Tip and Ring of Midi In socket (no need to connect Ground). Connect points 4, 3 and 1 to Tip, Ring and Ground of Midi Out socket.

  1. Reassemble the printed board into place, fix the new sockets into its place and the backplate. Thats it.

Hope this helps others to make this improvment on this allready excelent piece of hardware


Excellent work, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of Norbert’s footswitch mod…

How do you find the interaction of the BeatBuddy with the Morningstar MC8? I am considering buying a MC8 and would love to know how you are using the two together.

My first target was to migrate all my midi stuff to stands so I can have better view over displays and change settings with my hands if necessary without bending to the ground. My first implementation with Beatbuddy was using a bank to control the eight most used funtions. So I programmed the first row of MC8 switches with Start, Fill, Next Part and Tap Tempo. The second row with Stop, Pause, Enter/Exit Folder and Next/Previous Song or folder. I was very happy with how could change everything I need without touching the Beatbuddy.
Next idea was was to take full advantage of all the features the MC8 gives for controling multiple gear at the same time a the touch of a button. My idea was to control my Headrush Looperboard, Gigboard and Beatbuddy at the same time in the following sequence (I’m using serial mode in Looperboard most of the time for Verse/Chorus/Bridge):

  • Set the time for both with the Tap Switch funtion
  • Tap MC8 button A for playng BB Intro beat and it sends start for Looperboard track1 record. At the same time I send a CC to set my Gigboard rhythm sound.
  • Tap A again to play a BB Fill and solo or overdub over Verse
  • Tap MC8 button B to trigger next part on BB, start Chorus record on LP and change GB preset.
  • Tap A again to solo over Verse or overdub it
  • and so on.
    This way all I have to do is select the song beat in Beatbuddy and I dont need to worry about triggering the drum Fills/Parts/Ending on Beatbuddy and changing sound presets on my Gigboard. All runs automatically when I operate my looper to record/play/overdub/pause/stop all parts of my song (for now only with BB and LP)
    I can tell you that the MC8 gives me the oportunity to take all advantage of my gear and and concentrate only on the pleasure of music performing without having to worry to do fast tapping dances on my performances. It was a no return point…
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This is super insightful and really helpful, thank you. Really sounds like you’re making the most of all possible interactions between the gear. And this pretty much confirms tha the MC8 is probably the way to go for me.

I am exactly the same as you. My pedals are mostly positioned up high, so I can tweak knobs during a performance, I am thinking of putting the MC8 on the floor so I can trigger things whilst playing.

You got a YouTube channel?

Yes I have the Youtube channel at Jose Mendes - YouTube

I use it mainly for showing my arrangements of songs. It’s dedicated to demonstrate the performance of guitar to my students as I give classical, acoustic and electric guitar lessons. Maybe in the future I can use it to demonstrate the use of my equipment. Please tell what do you think, If you have a channel send me the link. Best regards

Thanks a lot for this, I am going to try it I think, even though my BeatBuddy is only 3 months old or so. The breakout cable is of shit quality and has already got a bad connection. I thought something went wrong between my BB and Boomerang phrase sampler 3, but it was the cable that killed the syncronisation.
The cable looks really cheapo, and obviously is. 3 months and almost not been used.
I was going on the road today, and had to cancel until I have a replacement. Wonder how many cables I need to last me for a year at a time. Such a great pedal and with such a shitty midi quality cable. Not a pro supply. How on earth can one solve this whilst touring.
Wish they had gotten this one right too.
Sorry for venting my frustration with the cable, and heap of thanks for a possible solution. :pray::blush::pray: