Upgrade utility


I plan to upgrade my MC6 to MC8, even if I find the MC8 too large, but I need more expression pedals than the 2 on MC6 and a better display.
One blocking point is that actually it would take days to program and test the MC8 with the content of MC6.

So I ask for a migration utility, taking an MC6 backup and importing it on MC8.

I think that people owning an MC3 would also be interested.

Last point : when is the next annual promotion on Morningstar products :wink:


After we’re done with v3.8, we’ll explore the possibility for this. Maybe the ability to connect 2 devices to 2 different editors, and then copying and paste each preset into the other device? Not all the messages will line up though, because messages like Set Toggle will be different between devices (due to different number of presets) and hence its not a copy and paste situation.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to make a big switch case + copy pasting code from each machine.

Do think that with this you could do a realtime sync function between several items, because actually it could be more interesting to haveMC3 + MC6 rather then MC8 because doing this, you get 2 USB midi controller flow where MC8 is only one. syncing func could allow working on these several controllers.

…and when do you expect to finalize the 3.8.0, it seems a never ending firmware story :wink:
My mouse is on the MC8 buy button…

Last point, the backup solution would be easier for those who have already sold their MC6 and have just the backup file and the new MC8.
Just a parser.

The way we designed it initially was that you can only back up to the same device. Sounds trivial to allow it for other devices but it’s not. We’ll explore a solution for this in the future

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I think we’re done with adding features into v3.8.0. Testing now and gathering user feedback and should be good to go in 2 weeks

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Bi-directional communication isn’t baked into the design - but we’ll explore a software possibility for this in the future.

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This is a great example of how you’d be well served with an intermediate text-format that could be translated into the language that each device speaks, as well as allowing for systematic (ie textual) editing of settings that would be much faster to do and enormously faster to “grok” when trying to understand how an MC* has been programmed.

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Yes XML or JSON could be the option. As said before Source Audio backups are in XML and it can ease comparing files, personnaly I find xml too verbose and json could be better (and easier to program today)

I think both XML and JSON - while at least meeting the criteria of separation of representation and interface - would be overkill compared to a simple DSL.

(edit: overkill in the sense of requiring non-programmers to navigate tools and/or formats that they’re not familiar with, recipe for a lot of frustration compared to very simple custom DSL)

All the better if it were open enough to permit embedded DSL so that for those that wanted it there was additional scope for structuring the programming. But, you could build such an eDSL for a JSON or XML format too, openness is the key.

Hi James did a migration tool ever eventuate? I have replaced my mc6 with mc8 an am about to rebuild my board.


You can download the data in a different device and then load it into a different model. Only the overlapped presets will be loaded i.e. MC6 has 12 presets + 2 exp presets, so if you load it into the MC8 then it will load only those 12 presets + 2 exp presets per bank

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