Updating issues to 3.9.3?

So I’m having an issue updating to firmware 3.9.3. I was able to update my MC3 to 3.9.2 when it came out but now the updater is stuck and in a loop. The file isn’t big but its taking forever to load into the MC3. Anyone having an issue with this lately? I’ve tried uploading it 5 times already and still in a loop.

The v3.9.3 file shouldnt change anything related to this. Can you try restarting your computer, and then also plugging out your USB hub if you are using one, and see if it helps?

So it was my laptop. I have to use a specific USB port to upload anything. The other doesn’t work…

I got it to update the firmware.



thanks for the update!

Sometimes it is the usb hub as well - most work, but I’ve come across a couple that don’t. Best to connect it directly to the CPU if possible.